Impresa amica dell'UNICEF


F.lli Giacomello is proud and happy to be part of the numerous companies in the IMPRESA AMICA DELL’UNICEF programme, which support UNICEF in the great enterprise of helping children all over the world to have a life worthy of the name, guaranteeing them the means to survive and grow.

These are children who live in countries affected by war or natural disasters, who live on the streets in degraded cities or in isolated villages.

Of this program, UNICEF says:

“In terms of number, turnover and use of the workforce, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent the engine of the entire national production system, the beating heart of the economy in Italy. Their impact is essential for the economic development and social stability of our country. In addition, they occupy a prominent place in Italian cultural and social life.

For UNICEF, establishing a valuable partnership with SMEs means having close and solid allies with whom it is possible to achieve the greatest of enterprises: a better future for girls and boys around the world.”

Every year the small and medium-sized enterprises that join the program help to give children what is rightfully theirs, what should be guaranteed for all children: food, education, attention to their health. All children have the right to be able to live in good health and have access to the best healthcare available, of which vaccinations are a fundamental pillar. In the world every year, vaccinations save 4.4 million children from preventable and treatable diseases.

In 2022, UNICEF administered measles vaccines to 23.8 million children.

Children's eyes should be filled with joy. Unfortunately, these children's eyes have already seen the horror of war, the pain of loss, the fear.

Collaborating with UNICEF means enhancing the ability of this very important body to act on the ground and our company is proud to be a piece of this great enterprise.

Children are the future of the world and their well-being must be a priority for everyone.

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