Almost 40 years of history, told by Daniele Giacomello, Sole Director of F.lli Giacomello

I was born surrounded by numerically controlled machines, gauges and cut-off machines. When I looked at my father I found him on the drawing board intent on designing what would become the leading products still today in our catalog, such as LV and Rapid Level series.

F.lli Giacomello srl was born in 1985 from the dream of two brothers: my father Orlando and my uncle Bruno. They decide to start an entrepreneurial path by creating an activity from nothing, that over the years has become a leader in the market of level indicators.

After school, my apprenticeship was complete and without discounts. I learned what clocking in means and not being considered the owner's son. I learned to team up with other employees and get my dirty hands first. I have adapted to any job and, over the years, I have realized that it was this that allowed me to master all the production processes of my company.

Year 2008: my father and uncle's dream has become my dream

Over the years I have never lost sight of the strength of our company: the unique relationship with the customer. However, I shaped my administration by looking to the future and bringing into the company everything that F.lli Giacomello had been missing up to that moment: marketing, communication, new technologies and the search for new markets.

Today our team is constantly projected towards research, innovation and quality, with the aim of creating new products that can expand the offer for Italian and international customers, through an increasingly complete and competitive package of level sensors for liquids .

Direct control of the entire production chain

We take care of the design, production, testing and shipping of our products, but we are also extremely attentive to the search for certified raw materials and components, selecting them from the best Italian companies, if possible.

The flexibility, which has always characterized our company, allows us to customize the products on the business needs of the customers, managing to satisfy many requests. The non-standard for us is the norm.

This makes our products truly unique and allows us to embrace very different fields: hydraulic, water treatment, chemical, petroleum, naval, earth-moving machinery, food, certified areas.

THANKS, to those who have made F.lli Giacomello solid and known all over the world

If today our company represents a solid reference point all over the world for the production of level indicators, it is thanks to my father, my uncle and their wives, who have supported and helped them since the beginning.

All this was also possible thanks to all my collaborators, some of whom have been with me since the beginning. Thanks to those who are there and to those who will join this family in the coming years, without them all this could not exist.

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