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Download the catalogs of our level indicators

The catalogs are divided by product type. Download and consult them to find out in detail the technical characteristics of the level probes and plugs for tanks.

Visual Levels

They allow you to check the liquid level at any time, clearly and precisely.

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Indicators that allow you to check the liquid level in a constant, clear and precise way.

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Immersion Levels

Precision and functionality, single or multiple control points, specific materials for each application.

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Ieg Atex

Level indicators immersion Atex certified.

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Rapid Level

Patented level switches, with unique features: ease of use and ease of adjustment.

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Various types of plugs suitable for all applications in your tanks.

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Flow indicators

Precise and reliable, essential for visualizing and monitoring the passage of fluids.

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Small Levels

Practical and functional levels, to be positioned at the point to be monitored.

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