Temperature gauges

Select precise and reliable F.lli Giacomello temperature gauges.

Fratelli Giacomello is the company whose mission has been accurate liquid control since 1985 and that has always customised and patented levels for liquid control. Each product can be modified according to need, requesting different numbers of contacts, lengths and head types.

We offer a wide range of levels, temperature probes and tank plugs. The LV/T line, for example, is made up of multi-control visual level gauges equipped with a thermometer in the tube, positioned at the bottom of the head. Temperature sensors exploit the communicating vessel principle, meaning liquid moves through the hollow screws indicating the precise liquid point inside the tank. The thermometer guarantees precise and continuous temperature reading. The protective shield is generally mounted on the front of the level but can be rotated 90° for right or left view. Supplied C/C distances are from 127 to 3000 mm.

Quality, experience, reliability and an excellent quality/price ratio are what have always characterised us and that allowed us to develop our own sales force throughout the world. We establish a unique relationship with each customer and produce unique items. Contact us for further information on temperature gauges!

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