Side level switch in polyamide 11/12
PVDF Side Level switch
Flanged Connection
SPST or SPDT contacts

Plastic / Brass
Flanged connections
Flanged connections

The level switch in question is unique for its practicality and safety.
Its compact size allows the user to position the level switch in the most difficult places.
Like the Side Rapid Level, also this level switch is inserted directly in the place to be controlled.
The contacts are N.O. or N.C. in absence of liquid (reversibility is obtained by turning the level 180°), or with exchange on request.
Its composition in Polyamide 11/12 makes the level switch resistant to aggressive liquids, brake fluids, etc., whereas, it is not suitable for liquids containing ferrous particles, since it has the magnet near the liquid.
The ultrasonic welding on the float and on the level body with respective contact holder base, guarantees perfect tightness of the various components.

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