Electromagnetic level indicators
Threaded or flanged connections
Up to 9 control points
SPST or SPDT contacts
Totally made in PVC

Threaded connections
Threaded - 1"1/2 GAS, Threaded - 2"GAS

Made to detect, with maximum safety, the level of liquids in  tanks containing corrosive substances.
Suitable in chemical industry, for their realization totally in  PVC. Can be controlled from 1 to a maximum of 9 points with  SPST contacts.

When the float of the indicator encounters the Reed switch  at the pre-established point, the contact activated by the  magnet housed in the float opens or closes, thus obtaining  the possibility of sending a luminous or acoustic signal  or activating or disconnecting any electrical equipment  connected to it.

The indicator must be fitted in the vertical position, and the  float must be at least 35mm from ferrous surfaces (walls,  tanks, etc.).

the one shown in this drawing is only one version.  Number of contacts and lengths are always performed at  the request of the customer. 

Max Pressure: 5 Bar 
Working temperature: 0°C - 60°C

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