RL/G1-F3 RL/G1-1"GAS
Rapid Level series Level Switches
one control point
insensitive to dirt
variable point
SPST or SPDT contacts

Flange diameter 55, 1"GAS, 1"1/4 GAS, 1"1/4 NPT
Operating temperature
-20...+80C, -20...+120C

- These electromagnetic level gauges in Kits can be obtained in the required length “L” simply by cutting the control rod with an ordinary pipe cutter and press fitting the float in the cutting place (see table for cutting).
- The control rod can commutate the signal of 1 or 2 Reeds in sequence (with single or exchange contact).
- The float does not hold magnets, therefore the Level can also be used in the presence of dirty liquids or ferrous particles.

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