Elbow electromagnetic level indicators to one or two contacts
Flange Connection
SPST or SPDT Contacts
Available also in stainless steel AISI 316

Threaded connections
1"1/4 GAS, 1"1/4 NPT
Flanged connections
Flange diameter 55

Made to ensure, with maximum safety, the minimum or maximum level of liquids in tanks and hydraulic power packs containing mineral oils with viscosity not higher than 80°E; also suitable for gas oil and other non-corrosive and inflammable liquids.

When the float of the indicator encounters the Reed switch at the pre-established point, the contact activated by the magnet housed in the float opens or closes, thus obtaining the possibility of sending a luminous or acoustic signal or activating or disconnecting any electrical equipment connected to it.

Fitting on the side of the tank allows installation of the Level when there is no room for it on the cover and, above all, when the place where the control unit is fitted is so narrow as to make fitting/removal of a level indicator fixed on the cover impossible.

To invert the contact from N.C. to N.O. just remove the bottom stop and turn the float upside down. Two versions entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel can be obtained.
It is possible to have exchange contacts or other control points in addition to the two provided for by the GMMF version; in this case the connection head must be in aluminium and contain an adequate number of terminals for the needs.

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