Flowswitch for liquids
BSP threads
Custom stairs
Until 2 adjustable electrical contacts

The Flow Switch FLUP have high visibility on each side and a clear reading of the scale.

Thanks to the conformation of the cone, at regular increases of flowrate match movements equally  regular of the shutter.

FLU/P series can be equipped od one or 2 alarm sensors at reed contact, possibly supplemented by red  LED or green for a signaling field of the presence or absence of the flowrate predetermined.

Threaded connection head: anodized aluminum.

Threads available(F): from ¼” to 1”1/2 bsp

Body material: Grilamid™ TR55 (PA Transparent) high resistance.

O-Ring: NBR; on demand for appropriate quantities available other elastomers

Electric Sensors: SPST, SPDT

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