Vertical electromagnetic level gauge mount inside the tank with m12 connection

- You can obtain the desired length by simply cutting the steel rod, with a simple cutter; or you can
vary the point of intervention using a float with a through hole that allows, whenever there is a
need, to change the point control of the liquid.
- Can be used for dirty liquids, water, petroleum, oils and coolants tolerate the presence of ferrous
metal particles also, as the float magnet holder and is integral with the rod.
- A float can only operate a single Reed (min. or max. Level).
- Total safety determined by the fact that the electrical part is totally separate in the side of the
reservoir and perfectly sealed with respect to the outside by means of a total resin of the outgoing
- The Rapid Level are supplied with rods suitable for controlling a maximum altitude of 500 or
- They can be requested already arranged for the control of pre-determined dimensions.
- For tanks with liquid in motion, may be required stilling brass or AISI 316.
The ideal level for controlling a switching point (maximum or minimum) in a completely safe in any
conditions please. Ideal for clean liquids, dirt, oils, grasselli, water glycol, etc..

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