Occupies the space provided for every common drain plug for tanks
Control units
Oil sumps

Temperature sensors

The temperature probe occupies the space provided for every common drain plug for tanks, control units, oil sumps, etc.

With N.O. contacts. it is used to send an electrical signal when the temperature of the liquid exceeds a limit deemed acceptable.

The N.C. thermostats are normally used as thermoprotectors: they disconnect the voltage, stopping the
system, when the temperature is too high.

The standard range provides for thermostats at 50° - 60° - 70° - 80°C. With N.O. contacts normally open or N.C. contacts normally closed.

Besides the possibility of a thermostat, probe temperature can be combined with the PT100 / PT1000 have a signal for continuous temperature controlled through a PLC.

Both for the version with the thermostat and PT100/PT1000, it is possible to have one cockpit in brass or AISI 316 wells in order to arrive at the desired point.

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