Electromagnetic level indicators with a continuos signal ohm or 4-20 mA
Accuracy 12 mm
Totally made in PVC

Threaded connections
1"1/2 GAS, 2"GAS

The Levels electromagnetic reed-chain resistors Indicators  allow a precise and constant indication of the fluid level,  regardless of its electrical conductivity, pressure and  temperature and by the presence of foam in it; essentially  they have a simple structure, since the only moving part is  the float which, depending on the flow or drain the liquid,  flows through a tube.

The float stay within a toroidal magnet, whose field  operates, without physical contact, small reed contacts
placed inside the pipe flow (see Fig.1). The drive of these  contacts allows the integration or gradual shutdown of the  resistance, also placed inside the pipe flow, allowing the  continuous reading of liquid level.
Resistive signal thus generated can be directly used by  devices that accept inputs so structured, or through a
converter Ohm - 4/20mA can drive most of the electronic  devices on the market (PLC).

- Constant and continuous indication of the level with high accuracy of repeatability.
- Linear indication of the level, regardless of the shape of the tank and the distance between gauge and the tank  walls.
- Remote indication of the measure and possibility of piloting of additional controls.

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