Electromagnetic level indicators min-empty contacts
Flange Connection
SPST Contacts

Threaded connections
1"GAS, 1"1/4 GAS, 1"1/4 NPT
Flanged connections
Flange diameter 55

Made to ensure, with maximum safety, the minimum or and empty levels of liquids in tanks, and hydraulic power packs containing mineral oils with viscosity not higher than 80°E. and for all non-corrosive and inflammable liquids.

The minimum and empty level indicators are used for having a double alarm signal at a pre-established distance. The former is normally used to signal when the liquid is nearly finished; the latter can be used as a machine stop, etc. The contacts that are activated by a single float can be at least 25 mm apart. Also, the signals (in absence of liquid ) can be activated (they close) consecutively or deactivated (they open). The same principle can be applied for the maximum level control (max. and extra max.).

The indicator must be fitted in the vertical position, and the float must be at least 35mm from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks, etc.). Flange seal is guaranteed by an oilproof synthetic rubber seal for IEG - MVF and O-ring for IEG - MVT.

Due to the particular type of construction, these level indicators do not have reversible contacts, therefore when ordering it is necessary to request N.C. or N.O. contacts. (in absence of liquid).
The two versions entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel can be obtained on request.

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