Float level sensor

Discover the quality of Fratelli Giacomello float level sensors.

The special float level sensor feature manufactured by Fratelli Giacomello is the ability to be customised by number of contacts, length and head type. This is combined with a great quality/price ratio and absolute precision and reliability. Discover the range of float switches, tank floats and float levels.

The "AT" series Rapid Level, for example, can be used when the parts in contact with the liquid must be fully made of AISI 316. Upon request, even the electrical connection can be made of AISI 316. It is used in the presence of dirty liquids and can control up to 2 different points of control, adjustable at any time by the user. The electrical part is fully separated from the liquid in the tank and the protection grade is IP65/IP68. The dimensions are reduced and it can sent a remote electrical signal to drive any connected device.

Fratelli Giacomello is the company that has been producing unique, precise and reliable level indicators since 1985. It offers innovative and flexible solutions and has its own sales force throughout the world.

To safely control the liquid level in tanks, use Fratelli Giacomello. Contact us to learn more!

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